After years of doing the usual things (I hail from Madras!), I decided to let go and do something new. Things that I would love to do everyday, things that I can do on my own terms. So I spent two years traveling, exploring handicrafts and of course life! CraftCanvas is the outcome of my experiences and interests.

CraftCanvas explores traditional and vernacular architecture, handicrafts and travel. I am trying to share my new found awareness about indigenous materials, ideas and crafts that are abundant in India. All the old and wise ideas that have been forgotten in lieu of the new fast track ones.


~Nisha Vikram


9 thoughts on “About

  1. brilliant!! feel so proud. 😉

    keep up the gorgeous work, and put up some more avenues for us to buy some of this great stuff~


  2. Hello from Spain!
    I just discovered your blog and I LOVE IT! Keep sharing those beautiful handcrafts..they are really inspirational and it’s the best way to raise awareness about how these thing will slowly disappear if we don’t appreciate them versus machine made things.
    Keep it up!

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