Terracotta on my wall..

It’s been three months since I’d picked up a few terracotta plaques from Molela, Udaipur. I knew the wall where I wanted it, but I was contemplating a design. Initially the plan was to intersperse this with a few black and white pictures taken during my travel. Then it was a mix of paintings and finally I decided to give it a go. Without the paintings, of course and I am very happy with the result.

The wall where I wanted to do this installation. The plain white walls weren’t just right. I wanted something that was warm, Indian and would contrast the red terracotta brilliantly.

However much I was impatient to have my yellow walls, I had to wait for the process. And it takes time!

Yellow is definitely a difficult color. Too bright is tacky and too light is dull. I bought the brightest yellow possible and manually mixed white colour and applied patches till I was sure (almost!).

All that effort was definitely worth it. The wall turned out beautifully.

Since they were going to be riveted directly to the wall, I had to get the placement right. I tried a lot of combinations and decided to take my friend Shivani’s advice. She said the more intricate ones neeed to go at the end. That would be visually more appealing.

Terracotta is tricky. One crack and the whole thing falls apart. I hadn’t really planned it in my head when I bought it. So I had exactly 9 pieces! So it was such a relief once all of them had holes drilled in. One of the plaques chipped a bit, but I cleared this round without much incident.

I’d rather be safe than sorry. So I decided to use two screws diagonally on each plaque to fix it to the wall.Β One piece of advice for hanging art- ideally the mid point should be 57-60 inches from the floor. Mine is about 64 inches, but then there is a lesson to be learnt in almost everything in life! πŸ™‚

The beauty of handicrafts is in the imperfections. The similarly (almost) sized tiles look fabulous when put together. I used some red color and cement mixture to camouflage the rivets.

I cannot even explain how happy I feel, everytime I pass by. The colour is perfect, the setting is right and brings a lot of character to my home.

If you like this and want something like this for your home, just message me!


19 thoughts on “Terracotta on my wall..

  1. Nisha! its awesome!! i know for my nxt home whom shld i ask for sugg…:), i really envy ur work…u seem to be having lot of fun…..

  2. Love the work your doing Nisha….i have also just bought a new place and this is very inspiring…its super awesome…keep up the good work..

  3. I really love the color of the wall – so happy and cheerful! And the terracotta tiles look awesome. I wish I could do something like this in my bare firangi apartment!

  4. Hi Nisha,
    Love anything terracota and this is a fun way to bring it into the house. Like the way the entire room has turned out(<3 the ikat bedspread).
    So, do you have an online store where I can order? How does it work?
    Am setting up my house and am looking for good accent pieces.
    ps: Do you also give suggestions for the decor?(am from Madras).
    pps: Roxy is a common friend and got to know you thro' her.
    You can email me to manochitra.raju@gmail.com.

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