Raghurajpur Part 3: Etched on a leaf..

The rampant power cuts in Raghurajpur ruined some of the pictures. It was very dark inside Dilip’s home and I am not a fan of flashlights! 🙂 So forgive me for the ‘ok-ish’ pictures, but I am sure you’ll love the concept.

After two posts of praises about Raghurajpur’s skill with the brush, this one takes it to another level! Dilip Kumar has carved out this piece on palm leaves sewed together to create a canvas.

The palm leaves are sewn together to make a canvas. The drawing is etched on the canvas using a sharp object.

Dilip took less than a minute to etch this!

The characteristic portrait of a girl’s face used in Pattachitra.

Black colour (made from soot of lamps) is used to fill the etching.

The colour is applied.

The excess colour is wiped off with a rag showing the face of the girl clearly in contrast to the beige background.

A close up to reveal the face of a boy and a girl.

Without a stencil or any measurements, Dilip managed this perfectly ‘in sync’ faces.

Please click here for more pictures of Orissa- Rath Yatra and crafts..


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