Pokharan’s Potter

I always knew Pokharan only as the first underground site where India tested its nuclear weapon detonation. So when we stopped over there on our way to Jaisalmer, I was surprised to see a typical bustling town. Dotted with jewellery stores selling the beautiful kadas (bangles), old men smoking their bidis and soaking themselves in the winter sun, we walked through a busy market selling fresh vegetables. We passed by beautiful havelis (most of them in very bad condition and close to ruins) and reached the potter’s place. The potters stayed in a colony of sorts. I had just enough time to pick up a few souvenirs from this place, before hitting the road to Jaisalmer. Asharam’s home was the first one on the street. This (picture above) is what I found! A whole lot of his products. Though terracotta is such a common material that we encounter in our everyday lives, it never fails to fascinate me. Asharam has a very serious look when he works. His deft hands give the finishing touches that make the whole thing seem so real.

A giraffe pot for plants. Asharam also makes other interesting pots with bulls, elephants, even birds!

The process of making a Giraffe pot!

Some of the other designs that he makes. The animal collection of pots, a huge lion (almost life-size) and even a fountain fitted with a small motor! Asharam’s father makes Urns like the ones above. The entire household is built around his work. The clay is stored in the backyard and offer a wonderful play area for his children.

A smile for the road! For more pictures, please click here..

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